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Chandan (Sandal wood) is well known for its cooling nature. Its rouses powers of concentration by keeping the brain cool, relaxed and away from undue stress and anxiety and induces relaxation. Our Chandan meditation program is a unique way to enjoy all these benefits along with meditation.

In this special unique meditation Program, you will learn:

  • To enhance focus, calmness of your mind with deep relaxation of nervous system and body.
  • To enhance patience, tolerance and to build self confidence, strong will power.
  • Higher level of peace, Reducing negative emotions
  • Developing a balanced personality, deeper understanding of your self and others
  • Getting an improved Sleep pattern.
  • To change attitude towards life and building better relations at home and at work.
Pooja Sharma

Pooja Sharma

Yoga Instructor

I am your instructor for this special 2 days online course “Chandan Meditation”.I have drafted this special E-course to share new meditation techniques with a balanced ,beneficial effect of Chandan. I gathered this knowledge through my intensive experience in Yoga, Meditation. I taught these special techniques to many of Yoga students ,Yoga practitioners and they all experienced remarkable benefit in their life. 

It was my strong belief, passion for meditation and Yoga which helped me to heal myself and to transform into a confident, healthy person almost two decades ago. Since then, Yoga and meditation have been a part of my life and I grow stronger, more flexible and fearless due to continuous practicing Yoga, meditation. I live each day with a strong belief to share blessings of God with others who need help. I am now on a mission to educate, empowers the individuals to live a healthy, wealthy life and to provide benefit of my knowledge of Yoga, special mediation techniques to them. I am a qualified Yoga, Meditation Entrepreneur with an advance training in meditation/Yoga from Metaphysics research institute, India and is a 500-hour RYT, Yoga alliance, USA.