I had an amazing experience with Pooja madam .Yogdhyan, Meditation Studio is a place where one can find complete relaxation and calmness of mind. She has such an aura that everyone feels being loved and secured. There is special personalized meditation sessions also which leads to great positive change in my overall personality physically as well as spiritually. She is very incredible and inspirational teacher.
Highly recommended for all age groups.
I wish I could spend more time with Pooja Ma’am.
Neelam Garg

Gazetted Officer(India)

I am an active member of YogDhyan Yoga with lots of my friends. Pooja Sharma ma’am add value to my time and money.I would highly recommend her yoga,meditation for anyone who wants to achieve internal peace and positive attitude towards life. Pooja ma”am also works towards building the positive health of your internal organs.I have gained health and happiness through her Yoga class.I feel proud to be a part of YogDhyan.
Dr. Savita Swami

Nutritionist and Dietitian

I had lot of stiffness in my body when I joined ,Yogdhyan yoga class. Thanks to Pooja ma’am for her dedicated and personalized regimen, I was able to rejuvenate lot of strength and flexibility in my body. Her personalized meditation classes helped relax mind and body. I had a great experience and would always recommend her classes for anyone that needs help with opening up their mind and body.

Shamsher Gill

Business owner

I have an amazing experience at Yogdhyan-Yoga classes,specially meditation. Pooja Ma’am helped me with a guided yoga classes to overcome my health issues.I am happy to recommend Yogdhyan to everyone .

Pankaj Gupta

Business owner

Hi ! It’s about two year’s I joined yoga with Pooja ma’am.I am very happy with Pooja ma’am.She guide each individual with great care. It’s a best place to get peace of mind & do yoga & meditation.Ma’am is very hardworking and a dedicated yoga trainer. She deals very wisely with various health issues using yoga and meditation.I strongly recommended to everyone to join yoga classes with Pooja ma’am & have a healthy life style.Thank you mam for your Support and care
Pooja Bansal

Account Professional

Pooja ma”am is one of the finest and most knowledgeable guru of yoga. She has vast experience with students spanning all age groups. Her customized teaching benefits everyone. Your physical,mental and spiritual well being is taken care of by her with lots of love and warmth. At the age of 51 also I feel as active and energized as a 25 year old. All thanks to her for enlightening me with yoga and meditation.
Surekha Gupta

Educationist (Math-Gold medalist)

Yoga helps to keep you spiritually and physically active and this i realized in my three year’s of yoga training with Pooja ma’am.She is an amazing teacher who understand you personally and provide you the best training for your mind and body.
She makes sure that best comes out of you everyday and you enjoy your every moment with fresh enthusiasm.
Akansha Rai

Home Maker

All thanks to Pooja ma’am,Our Yoga teacher,that my flexibility has risen to such an extent…I am missing you ma’am.Your energetic yoga classes and our get together’s …Love u ma’am.


Hi i am karishma ,I am a cosmetologist by profession.I am fitness freak and I was doing yoga from Pooja mam from last 2 year.She is an excellent teacher and a positive human being. she help us to cure diseases with her positive vibes.I miss her so much ,i would recommend her courses to all.



I joined Yogdhayan studio for yoga and my health, Yoga is pretty effective and can treat all diseases in life. Mental and physical illness can be easily cured and a person can have peace of mind, while continuing your daily life routines. Yogdhyan has a positive approach and good knowledge about the subject and the teacher is pretty cooperative and helpful. I strongly recommend to everyone to join Yoga classes and have a healthy lifestyle. Choose yogdhyan. “.