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Yogdhyan provides an easy relaxed access to yoga, meditation to everyone. We offer a spiritual, comfortable silent spaces to reconnect with yourself and find peace within. You will experience the extreme joy of being alive on rediscovering your real nature. This is the joy of being conscious.


Yoga is a scientific way of self realization,Yoga integrate mind,body and soul.It helps the person to achieve good health ,happiness and sense of well being in life.Yoga helps to develop the inner strength which further empower a person to overcome his failings and withstand stressful situation with a calm mind.One may attain a state of perfection with consistent ,right practice of Yoga(asanas),meditation(Dhyan) and breathing (Pranyam).


Meditation is a self-regulation of the mind. it induces a mode of consciousness and generates positive emotions, which builds up a loving attitude towards oneself and others, and increases self-acceptance, social support received and positive relations with others .it creates a feeling of competence about one’s life and purpose in life and enhances the sense of well-being while engaging in any life activity.

Yogdhyan's History

This wonderful journey started in the winter of 2008, when Pooja Sharma founded the yoga studio named as Yogdhyan in Chandigarh. It was all started with an urge to guide, help and heal the individuals suffered from stress, caused due to various lifestyle disorders.The founder with a decade experience in Yoga especially in meditation helps hundreds of individuals to eradicate daily life stress through numerous effective ways of yoga and meditation techniques.

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Our Mission

We help individuals to achieve peace and stress free healthy life.