Holistic health, an approach to deal with well-being, takes into consideration the entire individual and his/her connection with the surroundings. It is the association of mind, body and soul. In today’s age, stress is triggered through everyday situations at home, work and in relationships. Yoga and meditation are the perfect soothing balm to counteract these stresses.
Yoga helps to keep mind and body in sync. The meditation, breathing exercises, and various Yoga asanas helps to reduce stress and provides relaxation of mind and body.

Further, it has been well established that yoga practice leads to a decrease in symptoms of anxiety, reduces inflammatory markers in the body, decreases risk factors for heart disease, decreases symptoms of depression, reduces chronic pain, reduces migraine intensity, enhances sleep quality, improves balance, improves lung function, and increases strength, endurance and flexibility.

Meditation is a word we hear nearly every day. Believe me, it is not a fancy word, but a practice which boosts a positive mood, reduces stress, decreases the risk of several diseases and builds our self-esteem. In summary, it is a life changer. Many of us may have tried meditation but gave up. When classified as a practice, it can be categorised as learning an instrument. One needs to be regular in this activity in order to get in touch with the deeper state of our mind. Even at 5 to 10-minute practice each day is comforting.

However, for some, learning the art may require a teacher in the initial stages. Sometimes one technique may not work for a particular person and the style needs to be altered. Similar to opening a lock where the focus is on the key, meditation focuses on a mantra, the breath or a part of the body. Patience, which is the key to a good meditation practice must be maintained at all times, to master the art.

As for me, for years I kept procrastinating on yoga practice, blaming my age and declining energy levels. However, once I started to practice, I disproved my own theory. I now feel more active and energized on the day I practice yoga. The morning sun rays feel brand new each day, the mind stays calm, and my productivity increases. Further, the flowers smell intensely sweet and the challenges of life seem tiny to handle. Each practice is a new beginning to a beautiful life ahead.

In summary, while yoga affects our physical energy, meditation has an effect on our emotional energy. Together, both help in clearing the unhealthy energy to make space for newer vibrations and inner power. Life can be fast and tough, and at other times stressful. Let’s make it beautiful, calm, and contented with Yoga and Meditation.

Dr Neeraj Khullar