One of the important aspects of a human’s life are our relationships. Our relationship with our family, friends, colleagues, partner, children and, most importantly, our relationship with our own self. A healthy relationship with oneself promotes better relationship with everyone around us. Meditation seeks to promote healthy and sustainable relationships with ourselves and others in various ways.
• Better bodily awareness helps us better understand our reactions: – A hard day at work may make your body tense, and your mood irritated. Coming back, dealing with children or an angry spouse could definitely be a task. But, when you are aware of the source of tension in your body, you are less likely to displace that tension and irritation on your spouse and children, leading to better management of challenges at home and a healthy family environment.
• Better Emotional Regulation: – We go through a number of experiences each day; some are pleasant while others are not. It is natural to go through emotional highs and lows. Meditation, by promoting self-awareness enables us to correct or repair unpleasant moods as we are able to: –
 Recognize and Understand what’s wrong.
 Understand how much importance we need to give to it
 Take necessary action
 Break the cycle of negative thoughts.
 This in-turn saves our loved ones from the wrath of our emotional highs and lows.
• Better Communication: – Meditation helps us being more in-tune with our own emotions and practice empathy towards other in our environment. The better we are able to articulate our own emotions as well as those of others around us, the more we are able to connect and communicate with others. Practicing empathy in our relationships makes the people around us, specifically our partners more loved, cared for, and understood leading to more relationship satisfaction. Moreover, mental clarity promotes assertiveness.
• More insight: – When we practice meditation, we are more aware of the content of our thoughts, the nature of our emotions, and the like. Hence, we are able to understand who we are at the core of our beings and predict the changes in our emotions as a response to the stimulus our environment provides. This allows us to express our authentic selves in relationships and protects us from losing ourselves in the process of building a happy relationship with another person. We are less likely to give into people-pleasing behaviors as a consequence.
• Increased Morality: – Evidence suggests that as we continue to meditate our perceptions of the world tend to change. We become more empathetic, compassionate, appreciative and expressive in terms of positive emotions. This enables us to act with high moral principles and have healthy relationships with almost everyone around us.
• Increases Happiness levels: – Meditating regularly thickens certain areas of brain concerned with joy and pleasure, increasing your happiness set point and making you a happier and more positive person. When you radiate joy, you are more likely to attract happier relationships and be a source of joy in the life of people around you.
Our relationships are a source of happiness, growth and development in our life. Incorporating a certain level of calmness allows us to love the people around us better and create a better life for ourselves and others.

Author-Niyati Magan